How to Play the Casino Game of Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is an exciting variation of the beloved casino game of blackjack. In this variant, players have the opportunity to switch their top cards between two distinct hands.

Geoff Hall created Blackjack Switch, a patented and beloved variation of the classic blackjack card game that’s becoming increasingly popular at both land-based and online casinos.


Blackjack Switch is an entertaining gambling variant that changes up the cards and strategy of standard blackjack. Created by Geoff Hall, this exciting game allows players to exchange their top two cards for a new set.

Strategy is key in this game of blackjack, and 25% of the time your switch won’t affect anything; while 20% could create one or two ‘desired hands’ according to conventional blackjack strategy.

However, sometimes the decision is more intricate than that. It’s not simply about switching cards; one must consider whether the dealer’s up card will help you beat their hand.

In addition to the switch, players have an option to place a Super Match bet based on their first four cards. This adds an extra layer of intrigue to the game but may significantly raise the house edge.


Blackjack Switch is an innovative casino game that incorporates traditional Blackjack rules with some exceptions and twists. Additionally, it provides players with the option of placing a Super Match side bet for added excitement and enjoyment.

Geoff Hall invented this game out of necessity during one of his betting sessions. Observing two pairs with weak top cards that could benefit from swapping their cards, Hall often found himself with two strong hands that could benefit from switching cards.

As a result, he created a game that enabled players to make more Blackjack hands than in the traditional version of the game. Unfortunately, this strategy also has its share of drawbacks.

Any player hand that exceeds 21 is considered a bust, meaning its backing wager will be removed by the dealer.

Blackjack Switch also features the “Push 22” rule, which states that all player hands must push when the dealer totals 22.


Blackjack Switch is an exciting variation of the classic casino game of blackjack in which players take two hands at once and swap their top cards to form two new hands. This makes the game more thrilling and allows players to switch their top cards for two new combinations.

Geoff Hall invented Blackjack Switch in 2001, and it remains a beloved casino game today. Hall envisioned improving his odds at Blackjack by switching up two hands that had weak hands.

The game of blackjack is played on a standard-sized blackjack table with a dealer and six or eight decks of cards. It follows the same rules as conventional Blackjack, except that the dealer totals 22 and pushes all non-busted player hands.


Blackjack Switch is an innovative variant of the classic game that adds a unique spin by allowing players to switch the top cards in their hands. This gives them the opportunity to turn weak hands into stronger ones and even make good hands into bad ones!

Geoff Hall, a gambling expert, invented this game that can now be found in casinos around the world. He got the idea while playing two betting spots at an actual casino and realized how much better off each hand could be by switching cards between them.

Switch stands out among other versions of the popular game by offering an array of side bets that pay higher payouts. These wagers are separate from the original bets made on each hand and are settled immediately after being dealt.

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