Top 10 Must-Have Card Games for Game Night

From UNO to Joking Hazard and many more card games in between, there are plenty of card games that can help make the competition between friends even fiercer. Here are a few of our favorites!

Meme enthusiasts will delight in this fast-paced card game featuring a judge who presents each group member with a caption card they must match with one from their hand.

1. Go Fish

Generations of parents and children alike have enjoyed this timeless classic game for generations. It employs a 52 card deck with extra cards strewn face down in the center known as an “ocean” or “pool”.

When it’s your turn, simply ask another player if they have any cards of the same rank (ie threes), then draw from the pool to create your pair. Easy and fun: this game helps players practice counting pairs, matching cards and taking turns!

2. SkipBo

Produced by the same people responsible for Uno, this card game provides an enjoyable alternative that requires some strategy. Up to six players can join in playing it!

This game of counting cards sequentially and stacking them to create stacks is at its heart. There are 162 cards included in it – 12 from 1-12 as well as some Skip-Bo cards that act like wild cards.

This card game provides mindless, engaging fun.

3. Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is an award-winning card game that has been popular since 1999. A fast-paced and hilarious party game, Apples to Apples can provide great appetizers or filler games before your main games start.

Each player receives seven red Apple cards featuring people, historical figures, place names, events or objects on them. A judge then selects one Green Apple card which bears an adjective from which each player can choose one Red Apple card that best matches it.

4. Codenames

Codenames is an exciting card game with fast-paced play that provides just enough strategy without becoming overly complex. Not to mention its great fun factor; making this ideal for groups.

Each team is led by one spymaster who must give clues to his or her field operative agents (also known as field operative agents). Using these single word clues, these agents attempt to guess cards on a grid by placing single-word clues.

There are various variations of Codenames available today, such as Codenames Duet and Codenames Pictures; with the latter offering more advanced gameplay via image cards.

5. Pass The Pigs

Pass The Pigs provides an alternative approach to dice rolling by rewarding players based on where their model pigs land – from trotting points worth five up to leaning jowlers worth 60 points! Each turn lasts until either they either reach their predetermined score goal or run out of turns.

It’s portable, enjoyable, and features a subtle gambling element – making it an excellent alternative to more complex titles.

6. If You Had To

If you want a card game that will have your friends laughing out loud, look no further! With topics like “Things a Chimp Thinks When He Sees You at the Zoo” and creative word clues that will surely have them laughing aloud, this will surely get everyone laughing out loud!

Ideal for teens or adults who enjoy raunchy humor, this card game can quickly and easily be set up. A designated judge draws a Black card which creates a fill-in-the-blank sentence, then each player uses their white cards with humorous phrases or words from their hand to complete it.

7. The Voting Game

This exciting card game can easily be tailored to any situation and provides hours of laughter. One person draws a category card, and everyone must shout out an example of someone or something fitting that category.

The Voting Game is an adult party game designed to reveal hilarious truths about your friends. Each question is anonymously voted upon before being revealed back to the group for discussion and laughter is guaranteed!

8. What’s Yours Like?

What’s Yours Like is an enjoyable party game which rewards those who can offer accurate yet creative clues, making it quick, simple, and exciting.

Each player in the game except the one sitting in the “hot seat” picks out a guess word and describes its meaning to the other players without giving away its true identity to those sitting on “hot seats”. These descriptions should remain honest; being creative or funny won’t do! They must stay within truthfulness guidelines so as not to reveal its existence to players on “hot seats”.

9. Internet Memes

“Fun and fast card game that makes for an ideal palate cleanser between longer board games.” You’ll complete one round in just 10-15 minutes – ideal for any casual party or family gathering!

Image memes combine text superimposed on an image to convey a certain sentiment or idea, and this text discusses their use as an evolution of traditional PSYOP tactics initially employed for analog leaflet propaganda.

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