Unusual Casino Games From Around the World

Most gamblers will have experienced casino games like blackjack and roulette before, yet some casinos offer unique gambling opportunities such as Argentina’s Pano, Brazil’s Chinchon poker variant, and Belgium’s Birdsong game that utilizes caged birds – here are some of the more unusual gambling offerings out there.

Rodent roulette is an altered roulette wheel game in which players place bets on which holes they think mice or rats will select, prompting speculation over animal cruelty and exploitation. The controversial casino game has caused considerable debate.

South America

Though slot machines, blackjack tables and poker rooms remain the go-to gambling options worldwide for most players, certain casinos also provide more unusual casino options such as betting on gerbils’ decisions or playing tic-tac-toe with chickens – giving players an added layer of enjoyment! These amusingly unique casino games add another level of enjoyment.

Latin America boasts an eclectic variety of casino games for gamblers to enjoy, such as the Dreidel game associated with Hanukkah but now also found at American casinos; Andar Bahar, which requires players to predict which box a joker will land in, are just two such examples that have been developed specifically for online play.

South American culture provides ample inspiration for many forms of entertainment and gaming – from Lucha libre wrestling to Incan ruins – which has given rise to several casino games with this theme.


Japan may prohibit casinos and most forms of modern gambling, yet its people have found an inventive solution to satisfy their hunger for thrills and big wins: Pachinko is an ever-popular combination of pinball and slot machine that brings in multibillion-dollar profits while creating much excitement.

Pachislot, a Japanese variant of traditional slot machines that provides immersive storytelling and animated characters. From ancient lands and delectable food to beloved films and shows from across history – Pachislot will enthrall players of all ages!

Finally, Japanese casinos will soon offer baccarat, a card game in which players bet on either the player, banker, or tie. This streamlined version of classic game offers simple play with potential big wins for those willing to invest time in playing it well.


Casino developers are always searching for novel ways to engage their audience, and these unorthodox games do just that. Some require skill while others can simply be downright strange.

These unique casino games go beyond what one would normally associate with blackjack and poker – they’re inspired by Chinese gambling games with distinctive gameplay features that set them apart. Popular among Chinese people as well as in Asia and many casinos globally.

Rodent Roulette (sometimes referred to as Rat Race Roulette) is an unconventional roulette variant which utilizes an altered wheel and allows players to place bets on which hole the mouse will land in. Although this game has caused some contention among animal rights activists, it remains available at some live dealer online casinos.

Other unique casino games include Dreidel, a traditional Jewish betting game which can be enjoyed in Atlantic City; Pachinko is an arcade game similar to pinball which involves throwing metal balls into a machine in order to win prizes;


Casinos always feature exciting and innovative games to enhance the gambling experience for gamblers, and some have become quite bizarre!

European casinos feature games such as Dreidel and Poker. Dreidel is a traditional Jewish Hanukkah game played with four-sided top, which when spun lands on Nun, Gimel, or Hey determining your winnings. Poker on the other hand involves random number generation that decides your luck; winnings determined by how often Nun, Gimel or Hey appears during play.

Other uncommon casino games include baccarat, an ancient card game which originated in France but has gained worldwide fame over time. Considered one of the more advanced forms of igaming.

Rodent roulette, which involves betting on the decisions of gerbils, has caused considerable debate due to its use of animals; yet some Atlantic City casinos continue to offer it. Belgian Birdsong uses caged birds who take turns singing for bettors who place wagers on which bird will sing longest and loudest.

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